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Feeling a little lost? Maybe all you need is a little consultation. It can help to have a formal space to explore worries with an expert. Whether it's the doozy of a transition between high school and adult life or what to do if there are no appropriate day programs, lean on somebody who's been there and committed to helping you find a workable solution. 


Identifying a clear and accurate transition plan is challenging and complex at the best of times. I'm not a rehab and vocational expert, I'm a psychologist. So, I can't help but take a psychological approach to transition assessments. I carefully look an individual's ability, academic achievement, learning processes, social-emotional functioning, sensory processes, family values, and skills in the three main areas of adult life (learning, living, and working). I believe that all of these factors, not just interests/strengths/preferences, are critical in developing a complete picture of an individual. This assessment can be used to usher teenagers into their adult lives with deliberate intent or it can be used to get a comprehensive picture of an individual to help with placement or knowing what services and supports would be helpful. 

IEP or IPP Support

Overwhelmed by the IEP or IPP process? Most are. In my opinion, creating the right goals (content, level, and measurement) are the key to a meaningful IEP and IPP. Problem is, most goals are written based on the previous years' goals vs. what the individual's actual level currently is. Sometimes, getting 3rd party support can be helpful in steering the IEP and IPP back on track. 


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